Reconstruction of grate cooler movable frame after fracture in 2500t/d cement production line

01 Existing problems A company carried out technical transformation on two original 2000t/d clinker production lines in 2009, and planned to complete the technical transformation project and put it into production in June 2011. After technical reform, the production capacity of original clinker production line reached 2500t/d, and the highest reached 3100t/d. During technical renovation,…

Cause analysis and solution of frequent burning of variable frequency motor

A company’s 2500t/d new dry clinker production line was put into operation in 2004, and the equipment operation has been relatively stable. However, in July 2014, the reducer of the raw meal mill and separator was mechanically damaged. After replacing the new reducer, the motor of the separator was burnt out several times in a row. Only after the motor of the powder separator is re-selected can the safe use effect be achieved.