Reformation of scraping system of sealed ration feeder

Coal preparation is more used at present, the cement industry vertical slow pulverized coal, raw coal into the grinding feed and measurement plays an important role in the process of pulverized coal preparation, if the equipment is wrong or failure rate is too high, easily happened in the production run coal or broken coal, which can lead to stop number increase in the mill, which severely restricts the system production and operation stability.

Measures to improve waste heat power generation

01 Existing problems Two clinker production lines of a company (line #1 designed clinker production capacity 700t/d, line #2 designed clinker production capacity 2500t/d) are equipped with a 7.5MW pure low-temperature waste heat power generation project. The single-pressure system is adopted. The steam turbine is low-parameter pure condensate steam turbine, with rated power of 7500kW,…